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Testimonials of Train The Trainer Graduate

I have gain a lot of life example to style up individual as well as sharing tips with people around me. I believe the skill that I pick up during the training enable me to create more jeweleries to suit individual personality and style. Throughout the journey, I get to introduce myself to a lot of other strategic partners which open up business opportunity for my business.

Name: Angie Ng Ying Ying (Jewellery Retailer Owner)

I am amazed with the very informative knowledge that I gained. Many great new things that I just discovered such as personal colour analysis, bodyline analysis and personality style. Evelyn is truly a master and major in what she is doing. She has a vast experience in colours, personality style and even fashion, that is so much added value that she shared because of her background as a fashion editor before and seminars that she attended. I feel so guided and complete with this TTT. I could see my future and I foresee myself as a professional, tactful and well known trainer. She has a system and big heart to share all the knowledge intensively. Thank you Evelyn.

Name: Fiona Tahir, Wealth Advisor
Contact: 012.3163.474
Email: fionatahir@hotmail.com

Selama 7 hari saya menyertai TTT, saya sangat teruja dan mendapat banyak ilmu pengetahuan mengenai imej. Saya belajar mengenai warna, kombinasi warna dan warna yang boleh memberikan tenaga serta aura. Saya juga tahu mengenai style yang boleh menyerlahkan penampilan saya jika saya tahu style yang sesuai. Melalui TTT juga banyak mengajar saya tetang bagaimana membuat latihan dan seminar. Saya juga belajar dan berasa gembira kerana selepas ini saya yakin boleh megubah imej dan style saya dan membantu kawan saya ke arah yang lebih baik. Semoga dengan ini membolehkan semua mencapai kejayaan.

Name: Aznita Ab. Ghani, Agency Manager
Contact: 019.262.7162
Email: aznita62@yahoo.com

Being a person who doesn't come from the beauty and image industry, yes, I learnt a lot such as beauty and fashion jargons. Every industry has system and methods, and this industry is one of them. There is still so much to learn and this TTT has helped me to build up very fundamentals and foundation. Materials are sufficient. A lot of research has to be done by ourselves in future in order to have a good grasp of this subject. Evelyn has done well - conveyed the messages and yet very marketing conscious as well! In short, I have achieved my objective to learn up the foundation and Evelyn has helped me to do that!!

Susan Lai, Executive Secretary

First of all, I wish to take this opportunity to say 'big thank you' for your 7 days inspiring sessions with love, joy & passion. I can feel your sincerity whereby to share lots of your expertise & experiences related in style & image. I really gain so much and learn a lot from you. As I said, you are my image guru to empower me to be a success image trainer in the future. I do hope I can continually learn more and business associate with you in the future.

Joecess Lim , Beauty Consultant, NLP Practitioner

Being beauty with style is my dream. I've learned the skills from Evelyn how to do it with formula. Now I'm more confident to inspire people around me to be expressive in their personality and be able to go through the similar transformation.

Daisy Chong, Translation Manager

I have gained a broad understanding on how to use colors for my wardrobe management and also found out on my universal style. By learning these knowledge, I am able to dress my style and my energy colors which help me to become more myself and boost up my self-confidence. I thank Evelyn for incorporating the goal setting, mission statement and our future marketing plans which will help us to venture into this business. It is very beneficial for me to attend this course because it helps me a great deal in choosing the right color and style clothing's for my online boutique business.

Tan Sue Ann, Accounting Analyst


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