Empower yourself Everyday 

Since end of last year we introduced Emage Empowerment Program, we have succeeded to run it for 5 terms and previous weekend will be EEP 6.0. 

We are going to share some tips that can empower you, having more clarity to achieve for the other half of 2015. This is one of our 5C’s methodologies in EEP program. I hope no matter what position you are, clarity can lead you to a better you !


  1. Identify your self identity 

I just attended Anthony Robins, the world most famous motivation guru ‘s seminar and within the 2 days Total Success training, he spent half a day sharing on exploring your self identity!

Thus, it’s crucial to identify yourself differently, give yourself 3 attributes that empower you and build yourself towards it. If you truly believe, you will soon become who you want to be! Set a higher standard of yourself, believe and activate yourself toward it!


  1. Find your Values system

If you are doing something that your values don’t truly support, most likely you are not going to be congruence and successful. Thus it’s crucial to find out your priority value that you are emotional in. For example love, success, freedom, intimacy, security, adventure, power, passion, comfort and health. List out the priority rank and counter check are you acting on the values that you focus on? If not, it’s time for you to plan for your life and make it fulfilling!


  1. Find your Passion in Life

Besides work, what do you find joy in doing? Throughout the years of training, I always ask my participants to analyze if do they have a passion, work and lifestyle balance in their life? Most of the people are not happy in their situation, complains about the unsatisfactory of their monetary state or lack of passion in life!

Thus doing something you enjoy doing, network with the people that support you is important to make our life meaningful. So ask yourself what do you love to do regardless of money? Find time to do it, it might be your hobby, it might be doing charity, it might be indulging yourself with food…..just spend time and do it!





Energize yourself with Colour Workshop (13 June, 10am-1pm)

: Join us for this 3 hours workshop and learn how to bring colour in your wardrobe, how to style hijab style with colour to enhance your confidence and aura!

Just call  019-3737029 to rsvp, special rate of RM 68/ per  by Nanita Yusof, associate image consultant of Emage.


Pink Biz Seminar 12 July (Sun): Look out for Pink Biz annual seminar, Evelyn will be one of the speakers for the seminar, so get a Sat copy of China Press and register yourself for this Image, Financial, Health & Lifestyle Seminar to empower yourself!  You can also log in www.facebook.com/Emagestyle to find out more or call 012-3927848 to rsvp!


Dress for Success (2 days Workshop): If you would like to enhance your colour, bodyline and personality style, check out our coming 2 days workshop  which is transformational!


Emage Empowerment Program 7.0 (14, 15, 16 August): If you would like to enhance your personal branding skills, if you would like to have more clarity how you should brand yourself online & offline, check out our coming EEP 7.0  that ‘s going to change your life!

Check out this video clips to find out more :  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bv2NOj5YXX8





5 June: Evelyn Ch’ng was interviewed by DJ Shuleen Koo of Aifm on the topic of “ How to pick the colour for dressing”

17 June:  8 TV Style program will be interviewing us for our makeover process, if you would like to be one of our models as we need 2, do give us a call at 012-3927848!


Highlight: Check out our “Love your Body” campaign on our FB, https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10152883393751024&set=a.111447681023.97735.551096023&type=1&theater ,  invite your friend to share and see how they can be one of the winner for our EEP program.



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